Kratom Drug Testing – A Comprehensive Guide

Kratom Test

Kratom drug tests are the medical tests that are mainly devised to investigate the presence of kratom, which is a herbal product having sedative properties and now increasingly popular due to specific effects including pain relief, body energizer and mental stimulator. For this reason, scientific society declared it as a drug.

Some aspects must be recognized while getting a detection test done for kratom. The most important is to know who is more likely to examine you. Is it your workplace? Pain clinics? Or the probation officers? The reason behind it that all the routine and conventional experimental procedures that are usually carried out at your workplace are the routine urine tests that are immune-assay unearthing the common drugs by using antibodies against them. These tests are unable to detect kratom in the body. But if you are getting a drug test done from a pain clinic or probation officers, they for sure go for a broader range of tests that may include a check for spotting of kratom as well. In such cases, you need to refrain from the use of kratom at least two weeks before to clear the test.

Why is there a need for Kratom Drug Testing?

Some users develop the habit of its subsequent use, and therefore it has now been declared as a drug. The addicted individuals first develop tolerance towards kratom and consequently need to take the high doses of it to gain the required results. It progressively leads the consumer to a stage of dependence, and he becomes addicted to this drug. Biak testing is stressed later on when inevitable casualties occurred due to its over-consumption. For this reason, it has now become the need of the hour to devise tests that are specifically sensitive towards biak detection.

Biochemical studies have revealed that kratom consists of many alkaloid components, among which two are most prominent and are responsible for its drug-like effect on consumers. These components are Mitragynine that constitutes about 2% of the drug, and the other is its derivative 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, which is about 0.02%.

These two active ingredients play the role of stimulating sedative feelings by binding to the opioid receptors located in the brain, leading to activation of the G-protein coupled receptor, and then the whole signaling cascade starts. It is the primary biochemical pathway provoking all the symptoms of drug consumption.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

Generally, about 10-12 minutes after having it, the person starts experiencing the effects. Symptoms become severe and reach their peak after about 1 to 1.5 hours of tucking in. These effects may last from 3 to 8 hours, depending upon the intake of dosage and the form of ingestion. This drug is having a profound impact if the person takes it with an empty stomach. Similarly, direct consumption in powder or extract form provokes the symptoms too early. Still, if the drug is in the form of a capsule, it has to pass through the digestive tract, and then it takes some time to produce sedative effects to be felt by the body.

How long does kratom last in the body?

The stability of a drug directly relates to its half-life, which is a critical factor. It is the period required to eliminate 50% of substance from the body of the consumer. In the case of this herbal product, it is observed to be one whole day. But this is not absolute because there are many contributing factors determine the lasting duration of drugs in body.

For instance, if the consumer of this drug is an infrequent user, then kratom will be removed from his body shortly but if consumed by the habitual user, almost 6 days are required to eliminate it completely. Similarly, dose concentration and metabolic rate of the consumer are also one of the factors. As per the experimental observation, the two active ingredients of kratom have different half-life values: Mitragynine is more stable while 7-hydroxymitragynine is short-lived. The fact is that even when all the symptoms of a drug have diminished, still there are traces of metabolites present in your body and most of the time they take almost a week to completely remove from your body.

Kratom Drug Testing

What kind of kratom test is being used?

Since kratom cannot be detected by using the standard 5-panel and 10-panel drug tests as they are meant for the identification of common opioid drugs. Therefore, various kratom specific tests are now being applied for its detection. These include:

  • Urine tests

It is a legitimate test for the screening of kratom addiction as the constituent alkaloids can be traced in the urine that is passed out by the consumer even after a week. Therefore, this type of test is reliable and is sensitive towards a small amount of the drug as well.

  • Saliva tests

Such tests are widely used for oral detection of many drugs but its limitation is that it fails to detect the presence of drugs if consumed a few days back. To date, there is no proper evidence of this test practically proven to be useful for kratom detection.

  • Blood tests

In kratom drug detection, blood tests are quite authentic as they not only tell about the presence or absence of the drug but also give a close estimation of the concentration level of dosage consumed. Here this test has a certain limitation that kratom alkaloids and their traces remain available in blood just for three days after its ingestion.

  • Hair tests

All the substances consumed by our body are bound to become the part of hair follicles and therefore detection is very obvious. This type of test has proven very useful in case of many drug detection as they retain traces of substance for a longer time period and detection can be done even after a few months. As far as kratom detection is concerned, hair tests have not practically applied till now but it is a very reliable option in the coming years with improved research.

What principle lies behind detection?

The biochemical technique that is applied in all the above-mentioned kratom detection tests, is Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS). Here in this technique, individual components of the drug are first separated, ionized and then quantified by estimating their mass/charge ratio. The main perk of this technique is its sensitivity and efficiency. By adopting this method, the kratom drug is not only qualified but quantified as well. It is done at a molecular level with great precision and specificity.

How kratom drug testing is influenced by a variety of factors?

  • Age:

Out of all considerations, age is the most pronounced factor during kratom detection. In old age consumers of kratom, there are more chances of kratom detection even after many days of having it. The reason is clear that they possess a slow metabolic rate and it takes longer to cleanse up the drug completely. Whereas in case of young consumers, the whole scenario is opposite and they can get rid of drug traces earlier.

  • Genetic influence:

It is one of the contributing factors as in some individuals, genes are responsible for coding certain enzymes and proteins that play an efficient role in detoxification of kratom and other drugs. Therefore, such individuals metabolize drugs earlier than other individuals and this has only become possible due to the contributing inheritance factor.

  • Fat deposits in the body:

Those people having a high percentage of fat deposits in their bodies are observed to reserve product metabolites for a longer time period. The study has revealed that the biochemical nature of this drug renders it lipo-soluble. Therefore, if more lipid content is present in the body, it is more likely to find the constituents of kratom in the body. While individuals with less body fat percentage are able to get rid of its metabolites easily.

  • Quality of food:

Food type and quality matter a lot in this regard. If the food consumed is high in fat content, then kratom is more likely to be conserved by the body for a longer time span. Similarly, less water intake will do the same as it will take longer to metabolize drug ingredients and expel them out of the body.

  • Consumption of other drugs alongside kratom:

It is an important point to be considered because if any other drug is also ingested by a consumer, then the stay time of kratom in the body is elongated because the body has to nullify the effects of another drug as well. Therefore, kratom can be detected even after many days of consumption.

How much kratom do you take to fail a test?

For this, the cut-off value is considered crucial. It is the minimum amount of drug that is required to be present in a sample in order to get detected. Therefore, many experimental studies have revealed that the cut off value for an active constituent of kratom i.e. Mitragynine is observed to be 1 ng/ml approximately. Therefore, it means that in order to fail kratom drug test, the individual must contain this concentration of drugs in his body.

What is the probability of getting false-positive results?

Most of the time drug detection is carried on urine samples and these Urine based tests are very common because of their efficient and accurate result possibility most of the time. The False-positive outcome is observed when the results show the presence of a drug in the body of person although individual has not consumed it. It usually happens when the individual has taken certain medications or supplements before giving his sample for drug detection. In this case, any other metabolite is falsely recognized as a particular drug and the test is said to be positive.

In the case of kratom spotting, it is obvious that this drug cannot be unearthed by the conventional tests that are designed for other opioid drugs. Therefore, many times false-positive results come up if there is prior ingestion of any other medication or supplement. Therefore, there is no need to worry in such a situation rather it is worthy to tell your doctor about any medication you had taken and go for another confirmatory test that is usually Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS), that is specific for kratom detection in body. In this way authentication can be achieved regarding the presence or absence of kratom in your body.

How to get kratom out of your system efficiently?

For this, various measures are to be taken as described in the following:

  • The first step to be taken is to stop having more kratom. This habitual ingestion should be first reduced and then eventually eliminated so as to avoid any problem faced due to sudden withdrawal of this drug.
  • The person is recommended to have much intake of water as it may help in the expulsion of kratom by increasing the metabolism and detoxification process.
  • Avoiding the use of kratom in its most concentrated forms such as extracts and tinctures is helpful in reducing its contents in your system.
  • Improved quality of food proves helpful in this regard as citrus fruits and fresh vegetables are verified eatables to detox the body and help in getting rid of the drug.
  • If you have just tucked in kratom and it is not absorbed in your body, activated charcoal is helpful to remove it out of the system.

The Reduction of body fat is also one of the effective ways to get this drug out of your body. For this, regular exercise is recommended that will not only keep you healthy, improve your metabolic rate but also reduce your lipid content. All these advantages collectively contribute to the expulsion of kratom.

Besides all these above-mentioned steps to be taken, there are many medically approved detoxifying syrups available that are really efficient and effective in the removal of it from the bloodstream.


Due to its sedative effects leading to unconsciousness in extreme situations kratom has been declared as a drug. Therefore, many tests are designed that are specific for their spotting in your system. Although many factors that regulate how long will kratom last on the body and also interfere with its detection during drug testing. The probability of its false-positive results exist but still many solutions are there to get rid of this herbal product quickly out of your body in order to pass its test.

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